Richard Gartee     Award Winning Novelist

Canyon Falls

Collected Poems Volume 4

  • by Richard Gartee
  • Publisher: Lake & Emerald
  • Paperback: 108 pp
  • Genre: Poetry
  • ISBN:  9780989510479
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Canyon Falls is not about a place in nature, but the image of two distinct metaphors explored in this volume of 60 poems. It is about the moment we know we are about to fall in love, when the breath stops, but the heart races. The future appears beautiful, like the view from a canyon’s rim. Sometimes we peek over the precipice and step back. Sometimes we jump in feet first anyway seeking that powerful energy of love flowing like a waterfall at the canyon’s heart.

There is risk in trusting that incomprehensible leap from the canyon edge will result in something good. There is that immersive experience in the midst of pure love energy. There is reflection after the fact. And finally, there is forgetting about the hundred-foot fall the next time we leap into the arms of love.

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Canyon Memories

The old saw is to look before you leap

Sometimes you peek over the precipice

and step back

then someone takes you by the hand

and you jump in feet first anyway

Sometimes you break your bones

Sometimes you break your heart

Sometimes you catch an updraft

and gently fall through a shower of rose petals

In any case, time passes

Your mind revises the experience

And sooner or later you find yourself on the rim

looking over a beautiful vista

You feel someone’s soft fingers interlace yours

and as your feet leave the ledge

sharp stones forgotten,

you’re hoping for more rose petals.


The Other Side of Night

The other side of night

where blackness remains,

but just ahead, dark is making

preparations to flee.

Spent is the earlier side of night,

when two tumbled into bed

wide awake in wanting

kissing like sleep wasn’t coming.

Now it is the other side of night,

where sweet dreaming

blossoms into reawakening

and dream like bliss making.

The side of night

far enough from morning

that love is all the warmth you need

and the room is filled

with soft after passion breathing

and whispered oblations to each other.