Richard Gartee     Award Winning Novelist

Watching Waves

Collected Poems Volume 3

  • by Richard Gartee
  • Publisher: Lake & Emerald
  • Copyright: 2013
  • Paperback: 108 pp
  • Genre: Poetry
  • ISBN:  9780989510455
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Watching Waves is a collection of 76 poems comprised almost entirely of deeply personal interior musings about the nature of reality. Over eighty percent of this collection has never appeared in print before. Themes of a universal God and our search for God are prevalent throughout. Diverse influences of Indian Gurus, Tibetan Lamas, Lao Tzu, Zen, Sufi and Christian mystics inform the book’s cosmology. The opening stanza of the title poem conveys the essential ontology:

“We are the observer,
seated in Self,
watching the universe
as a wave flowing
before our consciousness.”

The book concludes with a selection of Christmas poems.

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Watching Waves

We are the observer

seated in Self

watching the universe

as a wave flowing

before our consciousness

There is no past.

It is dead.

Just an image

of where a wave

has gone before.

Einstein imagined

moving at the speed of light.

Riding a beam of light,

what would you see?

Now imagine creation

is a constantly expressing wave

of energy.

And imagine that energy and consciousness

are the same.

What is the experience

of observing the universe as the wave of creation?

Creation is an instantaneous process.

Every second is a new creation.

Every second, the previous state has ceased.



I hear the master of my ship

when the winds howl upon

the stormy sea

and the waves beat the wooden sides

and the rudder jerks from my grip

and turns the prow

from south to north to east

I hear your stars speaking direction

in my inner mind

and the sails bend to your pole

as I leave the world behind

hoping for a land of light

where you set me upon the shore

As I look around with new found


I marvel at the sight

to discover, that the journeys’ end

is but the very land we departed

and it is I, not the world, which turned

around this journey home.