Richard Gartee     Award Winning Novelist

Books by Richard Gartee

— Fiction —

cover of Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place

Ragtime Dudes at the World’s Fair
Ragtime is their music, free love is their creed, and the St. Louis World’s Fair beckons. Read about...

cover of Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place

Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place
Ragtime is new, Victorians are out, and free love is on the rise.    Read about...

cover of Ragtime Dudes Meet a Paris Flapper

Ragtime Dudes Meet a Paris Flapper
Ragtime is old hat, World War I is over, and the Roaring Twenties are underway    Read about...

cover of Orgone Gizmo

Orgone Gizmo
Gizmo can fix almost anything, but can he build enough orgone boxes to make up for his government burning books?   Read about...

— Fiction —

cover of Lancelot’s Grail

Lancelot’s Grail
New age teachings on self-awareness and enlightenment set in an Arthurian story.    Read about....

cover of Lancelot’s Disciple

Lancelot’s Disciple
The compelling sequel to Lancelot’s Grail about finding enlightenment on the ancient Silk Road.    Read about....

cover of Atlantis Dying

Atlantis Dying
Atlantis suffers climate changes while greedy barons trying to squeeze out the last smidge of profit    Read about...

cover of Atlantic Obsession

Atlantis Obsession
Instead of writing his dissertation, a PhD student becomes obsessed with Atlantis and the Eye of the Sahara.    Read about...

— Poetry —

cover of Mountain Breathing

Mountain Breathing

A collection of 66 poems spanning four decades form a study in the evolution of a poet philosopher.   Read about...

cover of Watching Waves

Watching Waves

This collection of 76 poems is comprised almost entirely of deeply personal interior musings about the nature of reality.   Read about...

cover of Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls

A collection of 60 poems about that incomprehensible leap into the arms of love and the relationships that follow our fall.   Read about...

cover of Arbor Encore

Arbor Encore

A collection of 47 insightful poems spanning five decades published in the renowned Ann Arbor Review: International Journal of Poetry.   Read about...

— Nonfiction —


cover of Skating on Skim Ice

Skating on Skim Ice
From Roaring 20s to the age of smart phones, this biography puts America’s recent transformative eras in context    Read about...

cover of Skating on Skim Ice

The Hippodrome Theatre First Fifty Years
A complete history of Gainesville, Florida’s iconic theater.    Read about...


— Previous Books by Richard Gartee —

4 E H R covers

Electronic Health Records
Understanding and Using Computerized Medical Records
Four EHR texts published by Pearson / Prentice-Hall.

collage of 4 book covers

Additional titles published by Prentice-Hall / Lake & Emerald

4 medical manager covers

Medical Manager & Managed Care Various editions published by Cengage / Thompson / Delmar / Southwestern

Additional Titles
(no longer in print)

Lonely Streets & Poems



Fifteen for Alaina

Christmas Collection



plus 3 books of family genealogies

plus 3 editions of The Medical Manager Student Edition not shown